Abtran is passionate about great service experience

Our mission is to make Customer and Business Process Management and Outsourcing easy by delivering a complete, seamless customer experience. To achieve this, we standardise, we simplify, and we empower our people to cut through complexity.

A Year in Abtran 2022

Sectors We Operate In


Delivering sales & service into millions of homes.


Delivering smarter, more connected citizen services


Giving customers more convenience and control over their journeys.


Securely processing thousands of claims daily.

Trusted by clients across multiple sectors to provide complete and seamless customer journey.


Our track record of working with highly trusted organisations means we are always focused on Data Protection. We were the first BPM in Ireland to be certified against the Personal Information Management System (PIMS) Standard, demonstrating our commitment to securely managing personal data.

Our services are certified to globally recognised security and quality standards.