Creating a sustainable future

Focusing our efforts where we can make the most meaningful positive impact

“We appreciate the importance of focusing our efforts where we can make the most meaningful positive impact – reducing environmental harms and maximising the contribution we make to society. This means understanding industry-relevant themes – such as our digital carbon footprint – and adapting to a future where hybrid working is likely to be the norm.”

Nurturing a culture of sustainability

Our overall goal is to build a culture of sustainability in Abtran that is a source of pride for the business and for employees. It is only by ensuring our own people across our whole business, live and breathe sustainability that we can deliver improvements in our own operations and help support our partners and clients to be change makers too.

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A Responsible Business

Our goal is to build a culture of sustainability that’s a source of pride for everyone in our business. We live by three pillars of sustainability.

  • Healthy Planet
  • Happy Society
  • Thriving Economy

Each pillar has informed strategic objectives that identify the positive change we want to make, to reduce harm, benefit the business, and positively influence society.


The three pillars of sustainability


Abtran Achievements to Date

In Abtran, we are doing more than making commitments and creating plans. We are delivering action to improve sustainability and some of our achievements to date include

Recycling rate up from 40% to 51% – All sites have clearly labelled segregation bins in strategic areas

Waste Carbon footprint at our Sligo site is 1.79 tonnes of CO2 – the average global carbon footprint aim is to be under 2 tonnes per person of CO2 from all sources by 2050

2 years Excellent ISO 14001 Accreditation showing our commitment to a sustainable environment

Waste Carbon footprint at our Mahon site is 1.85 tonnes of CO2 – the average global carbon footprint needs to reduce from 4 tonnes globally to avoid a 2 degree rise in global temperatures

Promoting sustainable travel with bike parking, cycle to work scheme and discounted public bus pass access

LED Lighting installed in our MFR site to reduce our annual carbon emission

We recovered 19.1% of our waste recycled – 30.4% of our waste in our journey to zero landfills

Reduced our energy consumption by 1.7%

We are involved in many fantastic initiatives

Abtran Charity Support

Our employees have voted for their top 3 charities to support in 2023 - Pieta House, Irish Cancer Society and LauraLynn - Ireland's Children's Hospice. Volunteers manage a calendar of initiatives throughout the year generating awareness for these specific causes.

Local & National School Support

We work with Kinia to provide literacy support and volunteers for their STEM programme. Abtran volunteers and local teachers are trained in renewable energy and we support and pay for the teaching together and the renewable energy kits for local schools across Ireland.

Tidy Towns

We collaborate with Tidy Towns groups in our local communities, focusing on Biodiversity Projects and Clean Up programmes which enhance local areas.

Pride Awareness Month

We’re proud to celebrate and support diversity in the workplace through a variety of events and information sessions.

Employee Programmes

Based on feedback from our employees, we support a range of initiative to provide connections across our diverse teams including Book Club, Tag Rugby Teams and other social activities.

Go Green initiatives

We share and implement great ideas to create a smarter, greener environment. This includes Tidy Towns, STEM programmes, and Beach clean ups.

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