Mike Slattery
Through the power of insights and analytics, we can deliver better business outcomes and a better service experience for the customer.

Mike Slattery

Business Intelligence Specialist

With over 10 years experience in the BPM/BPO sector, Mike is responsible for delivering Business Intelligence reporting and insights for decision support. Through daily, weekly and monthly reporting of data analytics and customer insights, Mike interprets and recommends improvements to processes to improve performance, efficiency and the customer experience.

He helps to drive innovation within the BI and Reporting team through database development, whilst liaising with Abtran’s technology function around larger database projects. A core function of his role is the expansion of the existing data warehouse to include planning, resourcing and scheduling.

Background Experience

Mike’s previous experience includes the launch of a major client data analytics project with a view to streamlining contact processes for customers. Other key projects include the development and delivery of invoicing and capacity assessment reporting for financial and operational use and the development of automated budgetary and spending analysis.