What We Do

We specialise in the delivery of Sales, Service and Identity & Verification services across regulated markets.

What We Do

We work with organisations that are highly regulated to deliver a great service experience to their customers.

We understand that the way your customers experience your organisation has a lot to do with how they experience your service.

We deliver solutions that cut through complexity and make it easier for your customers to access your services.

We connect with your objectives to deliver better outcomes for your business and a better service experience for your customers.

Our Approach

Putting the customer at the centre of everything we do is core to our approach.

We put in place technologies that empower your customers to engage via multi-channel services.

We embed processes that make it easy for your customers to access the services they need in an easy and compliant way.

We empower our people to champion your customers by being open and compliant and by sharing their hands-on know-how and expertise.

Sales & Service

At Abtran, delivering great service to your customers goes to two fundamental questions – how do we make it easier for them to access your services and how do we transfer our know-how to deliver a great service experience?

That means that every aspect of your customer service footprint is considered from giving them access to the right channels, to empowering them to serve themselves whilst we help them take care of the exceptions.


  • Leaders in Customer lifecycle management
  • Proven experience in running large Contact Centres
  • Multi-channel voice and digital service
  • Data Analytics and Customer Insights
  • Improving Customer Satisfaction - reducing cost to serve
  • Best of breed, scalable technology infrastructure


Putting the customer at the very centre is core to our service ethos.

Today's customers want convenience. They want to access services quickly and easily on their channel of choice.

Our ability to provide an end-to-end service across multiple channels, allows us to fully own the customer journey, so we can deliver a great service experience.

  • Customer Management Strategy
  • CX Programme Design
  • Customer Contact Management
  • Voice of the Customer
  • Multi Channel delivery
  • Reporting & Analytics


We have consistently transferred high performance sales into regulated sectors such as Energy, Utilities and Insurance.

Our experience and capability is unrivalled in "selling into the home" – acquiring and retaining customers from electricity to broadband, media and insurance.

What We Do

We invest in the right people, processes and technology to deliver better outcomes for you and a better service experience for your customers.

Working across highly regulated markets, we cut through complexity, whilst consistently challenging how we can deliver service that makes it easier for your customers whilst handling their data in a secure and compliant way.

Our Approach

We have extensive experience in the management of services requiring application, adjudication and validation, across highly regulated markets.

From licensing to grant processing, registrations and claim handling, we look to bring your paper application processing online, helping to significantly reducing your cost base whilst making it easier for your customers to access your services.

Identity & Verification

We make it easier for our clients' customers to access their entitlements in a convenient and secure way.

We deliver:

  • Government Application & Entitlement Services
  • Claims Processing & Adjudication
  • Know Your Customer
  • Grants Processing Services
  • Registrations & Payments Processing Services


  • We securely process over 10 million applications each year
  • State-of-the-art Secure Central Processing Facility
  • Accredited to PCI DSS Level 1, ISO 9001, and ISO27001 standards
  • Regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland and the Data Protection Commissioner


Today's customers trust that their data will be handled in a prompt and efficient manner, regardless of channel.

We securely process thousands of customer applications daily on behalf of highly regulated organisations across the Utilities, Health, Government and Transport sectors.

By helping to bring their current paper application processing service online, we can deliver significant cost reductions whilst delivering a prompt and more responsive service experience to their customers.


Validation and Verification

Our end-to-end validation workflow process is globally accredited and incorporates data cleansing, document validation checking and secure archiving and storage.

We leverage the experience of highly specialist teams and state-of-the-art technologies like Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to validate and verify thousands of customer records on a daily basis in our 65,000 foot, dedicated secure processing facility in Cork.

Assessment and

We make it easier for our clients to ensure the right customer gains access to the right entitlement.

Our assessment and adjudication process delivers highly skilled, specialist teams working to rigorous standards, to review applications and determine their entitlement to services including grants, licenses and payments.

We utilise robust controls, checks and audit trails backed up by internal and external audits across the delivery of these services to ensure on-going compliance.

We have extensive experience of delivering these services in highly regulated environments.

Our Assessment and adjudication services can be deployed either on-site at our client's premises or as part of an end-to-end solution from application receipt through to decision.

What We Do

Achieve better business results and a better service experience for your customers.

At Abtran Consulting we understand the unique opportunities and challenges facing the sectors we work in. That’s because we’ve been working on behalf of highly regulated clients and delivering service to millions of their customers for over twenty years.

Through our teams of Operational, PMO, Digital & Business Process Analysts, we work with you to reduce costs and improve performance so that your service delivers for your customers as well as your bottom line.

Our Approach

Abtran Consulting is all about taking a practical, real-world approach. We don’t write a report and then walk away. We listen to our clients. We connect with their goals. We map their processes.  We review their technology.

We then work alongside them to deliver better results for their business and a better service experience for their customers.

Service Review

Access practical expertise on the best channel strategy, technologies, people and approach to improve and transform your operation while delivering a better service experience to your digital customer.

Operational Readiness

Be prepared for today’s ever changing regulatory, legislative and technology landscape. Test your operation is service-ready in a secure environment by accessing the expertise of our experienced Operational Readiness team.

Project Management Office (PMO)

When it comes to onboarding and standing up a new operation, our PMO capability is core to our success. Through Abtran Consulting, access our Project Management expertise in the efficient planning, set-up and implementation of end-to-end solutions for complex processes in regulated markets.

Our People