Leveraging Data Analytics in the delivery of Service

The national target for the delivery of outpatient services states that a new patient should never have to wait more than one year for a first-time outpatient appointment. For this target to be met, hospital management must have visibility of the appointment slots available (capacity) and the waiting list for appointments (demand).

The typical patient management system in hospitals does not have the functionality to show the gap between the demand for appointments and the capacity at clinics for the year. This means the outpatient management teams are unable to plan in advance on how to meet demand. The consequence of this inability is that a significant number of patients are left waiting for over a year for a first time appointment in the hospital.

In partnership with UCC Insights we have developed next generation out-patient waiting-list and capacity management technology. This simulator tool will analyse data to forecast demand and optimise capacity enabling hospitals to plan and meet national targets.

This is a joint initiative academic institutions with 200+ Researchers , 30+ Industry Partners supported by Science Foundation Ireland / Industry Partners.