Introducing The Abtran Service Exchange

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Today, we launched the new Abtran.com. Just like every other service we deliver upon, the end-to-end process was remarkably similar. From the design, to implementing, improving and then optimising a site that spoke to the online customer – the process was deeply collaborative and insightful for us as a brand and as a growing service organisation as a whole.

It also made us go back to basics. Who are we about? What do we want to say that will add value? What do our clients and prospective clients want to hear? How do we connect digitally to the outside world? How do we stack up?

Most significantly, our own People inputted their view, their story and their contribution. So the launch of our new web site consistently sense checked our values around being open, sharing know how and challenging what really good online service looks like and in a compliant way.

Of course, launching a new web site is only really the beginning of the story. And the Abtran Service Exchange Blog is about just that – continuing our story and penning the chapters of service exchange.

And if the new web site has taught us anything, it’s that there’s a wealth of information at our fingertips. It has taught is that by close collaborating with our partners, our clients and our front line people, we have a story to tell – one that’s rich in experience, that’s practical in know how, that’s valuable for people out there in the digital stratosphere and as close as the frontline service advisor.

It’s no coincidence that we will launch our Customer Champions Panel this month. The goal is to draw people across the length and breadth of the company and beyond to share their ideas, their service insights, their opinion and their improvements.

So the Abtran Service Exchange is not really about Abtran. It is about sharing great knowledge both inside and outside the organisation. It’s about everyone who is a customer. It’s about giving a voice to our People. It’s about telling the story of service.